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Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice handpainted LIMITED red ink

Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice handpainted LIMITED red ink

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Explore the darkness of your destiny with the "Skull style" dice set for Dungeons & Dragons!

Each die is trapped in a transparent crystal that hides a mysterious skull inside. With intricate details and a sinister feel, this set will transport your gaming experience to new levels of adventure and mysticism.

D4 - 16 mm / 6.29 in
D6 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D8 - 17 mm / 6.69 in
D10% -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D10 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D12 - 19.5 mm / 7.67 in
D20 - 22 mm / 8.66 in

Add a touch of dark charm to your Dungeons & Dragons adventures with the Mefisto_Dice dice set. Enter the realm of mystery and power - order now and get ready to roll the dice in style!

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome dice! Especially during Halloween!


It works great for standard dice rolls.


Fantastic quality, my new favorite dice set!


I am so sorry this review took so long. I cannot speak highly enough for the customer service and quality of these dice. Shortly after ordering I received a message thanking me for my purchase, saying they hope I enjoy them, and asking for any advice or suggestions I may have. I was really impressed - shows this is someone who truly cares about their work and that care is reflected in the quality of these dice. I bought them as a gift for a friend and I'm happy to gift them. They're incredible. It would be cool to see a set that has red in the mouths of the skulls, as one of these appeared to have (most are all gray) which made that one dice unique and cool! Most special dice sets like these rarely live up to the photos but these do!


Perhaps placing the item is a container to protect it during shipping instead of just bubble wrap.