About us

I'm excited to tell you my story, an adventure that came to life thanks to passion and creativity. I am the owner and founder of the brands Mefisto_Dice, DS_Macro_Skull, NintendoGameboyART,representatives of this e-commerce which has deep roots in craftsmanship and the love for video games.

It all started in my laboratory, where I spent hours designing and realizing my dreams as an enthusiast and collector. Each dice was created with attention and dedication, carrying within itself the magic of Gothic aesthetics and the charm of the occult. The success I have achieved with my Etsy shops [ Mefisto_Dice, NintendoGameboyART ] has been beyond my wildest expectations, and has pushed me to dream big.

So, I decided to expand my creative field, letting myself be guided by innovation and the desire to amaze. I started building custom video game consoles and accessories, transforming my passion for games into true works of art. Every console that comes out of my hands brings with it a unique story, designed and tailor-made to meet the needs of true enthusiasts.

But my journey into art and creation didn't stop there. I wanted to go further and started creating paintings to make each environment unique, the joysticks of the consoles that made the history of video games. These paintings are the result of a fusion between the world of gaming and that of art, works that tell stories of adventures and emotions.

This site was born out of a desire to share my passion and success with you, an audience that loves innovation and creativity as much as I do. I hope you can find something here that inspires and moves you, just as the creation of these products inspired me. Welcome to my world of games and art, a place where fantasy turns into reality!