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Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice "Goblin purple" set

Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice "Goblin purple" set

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Explore the darkness of your destiny with the "Skull style" dice set for Dungeons & Dragons!

Each die is trapped in a transparent crystal that hides a mysterious skull inside. With intricate details and a sinister feel, this set will transport your gaming experience to new levels of adventure and mysticism.

D4 - 16 mm / 6.29 in
D6 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D8 - 17 mm / 6.69 in
D10% -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D10 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D12 - 19.5 mm / 7.67 in
D20 - 22 mm / 8.66 in

Add a touch of dark charm to your Dungeons & Dragons adventures with the Mefisto_Dice dice set. Enter the realm of mystery and power - order now and get ready to roll the dice in style!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Amazing dice! I bought these for my necromancy wizard and they match the vibe so perfectly – Really good quality dice and shipped very fast


These have to be the most beautiful dice I've ever owned.

All the elements were perfectly balanced together in order to make what I can only describe as eye candy. No two of them look exactly the same, as there are slight variations in the positions of the skulls and the way the colors blend; which contributes to make each of these unique.

I had requested a set made up exclusively of D12s, and the seller was particularly accommodating. Shipping was a breeze and I felt like a kid on christmas morning when I received the package.

These beautiful little gems feel good in hand, and I'm gonna have a blast using them in my games.


Mefisto (Devid) makes beautifully amazing quality items. They also answers your questions promptly and with ease of purchase I received them in a short time. Thank you so much!! Much love!

Aaron Dunning

The numbers aren’t painted in, which I actually prefer so you can see the skulls nicely.


Stunning. I'm a bit of a dice goblin, and this is my new favorite set.