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Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice "ghost light" set

Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice "ghost light" set

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Explore the darkness of your destiny with the "Skull style" dice set for Dungeons & Dragons!

Each die is trapped in a transparent crystal that hides a mysterious skull inside. With intricate details and a sinister feel, this set will transport your gaming experience to new levels of adventure and mysticism.

D4 - 16 mm / 6.29 in
D6 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D8 - 17 mm / 6.69 in
D10% -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D10 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D12 - 19.5 mm / 7.67 in
D20 - 22 mm / 8.66 in

Add a touch of dark charm to your Dungeons & Dragons adventures with the Mefisto_Dice dice set. Enter the realm of mystery and power - order now and get ready to roll the dice in style!

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Customer Reviews

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Ogólnie jest to dobry produkt. Nieco zbyt ciemny barwnik. Przez to figurka czaszki jest trochę niewyraźna.


The dice look quite nice, but I'm worried about them not being balanced because they do roll 1s quite a lot in my experience. Some of the dice also have some production issues, such as the skull being tilted or the red resin not having enough pigment and looking very transparent rather than red. Shipping was also confusing but it eventually got here. The seller was quite helpful. Unfortunately I won't really be able to use them much.