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Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice "fire bronze" set

Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice "fire bronze" set

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Explore the darkness of your destiny with the "Skull style" dice set for Dungeons & Dragons!

Each die is trapped in a transparent crystal that hides a mysterious skull inside. With intricate details and a sinister feel, this set will transport your gaming experience to new levels of adventure and mysticism.

D4 - 16 mm / 6.29 in
D6 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D8 - 17 mm / 6.69 in
D10% -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D10 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D12 - 19.5 mm / 7.67 in
D20 - 22 mm / 8.66 in

Add a touch of dark charm to your Dungeons & Dragons adventures with the Mefisto_Dice dice set. Enter the realm of mystery and power - order now and get ready to roll the dice in style!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The skull side of the dice is phenomenal I really like it, not even minding the 3D-printer lines. The opposite side however isn’t as impressive. The 3D-printed lines are a bit to prominent and flat, I would have preferred the skulls to be two-faced.

The dices seem to be balanced, I like the font and I really appreciate that the percentile die and the D10 are correct with the opposite numbers! I think my friend will love them for his grave cleric.


Beautiful dice, and good communication with the seller. They are polished nicely and are definitely of professional quality. So pretty!


These were really cool and good quality


The dice have a really good quality. Clean, no airbubbles and good looking skulls inside. REally like them.