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Spirit Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice dark blue sky

Spirit Skull dice set Mefisto_Dice dark blue sky

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Enter the dark magic of "Spirit skull" with the unique Dungeons & Dragons dice set!

Each die is trapped with a skull spirit, ready to reveal the fate of your adventures. Perfect craftsmanship and intricate detail make these dice not just gaming tools, but truly magical treasures.

D4 - 16 mm / 6.29 in
D6 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D8 - 17 mm / 6.69 in
D10% -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D10 -17.5 mm / 6.88 in
D12 - 19.5 mm / 7.67 in
D20 - 22 mm / 8.66 in

Add a touch of mysticism to your Dungeons & Dragons sessions with the "Enchanted Darkness" set. Whether you're an experienced adventurer or a novice to the world of role-playing, these dice will transform your gaming experience into a magical journey. Order your set today and get ready to roll the dice in style!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Really nice dice, if you're doubting because of the price just go for it. Amazing quality and everybody at the dnd game were asking were I got them so it's a real eye catcher!


Lightweight, nice quality, as pictured, very awesome seller! Thank you for the amazing work!


The dice weigh less then I expected and some of the skulls are not alligned as well as on the photos. Besides its a solid dice set and contact with the seller was nice.